How Does Your Giving Help?

Your giving to Bridge Beyond Addiction assists those who struggle with the disease of addiction by providing a bridge between treatment and independence.

For many, recovery residences are that vital bridge from in-patient treatment to sober communities and independent living.  Quality recovery residences provide a family-like living environment free from alcohol and illicit drug use. They are centered on peer support and connections that promote sustained recovery from substance use.

Bridge Beyond Addiction supports this process by providing financial grants to qualified individuals who are leaving treatment programs and have chosen to enter approved sober living communities. Through your donation, scholarships provide the initial month's rent and fees for individuals to enter into the sober community.

A Story All Too Familiar

J.B. is a heroin addict.  He just completed his seventh rehab in the past three years.  This time, his insurance only provided for detox and treatment lasting a total of 14 days.  Although the drugs are out of his system, his brain is still wired for addiction.  He wants to stay clean.  Yet, he knows the Vivitrol shot he received to reduce his cravings and block the effects of the opioids will only last for 30 days. 

 Without the infusion of drugs to numb his brain, J.B.'s beginning to 'feel' again.  The feelings are dark.  Shame, guilt, and remorse hover all around him.  He knows the damage he's done to his friends and family relationships.  He's depressed.  It'll be months before J.B.'s natural dopamine levels, a chemical in the brain that provides the sensation of pleasure, will return to normal.  As a result, his depression will continue to linger for quite a while.

 Anxiety is creeping into his thoughts.  J.B.'s discharge treatment plan has recommended he engage in intensive out-patient (IOP) treatment and a 12-Step program.  It's the same treatment plan he's been given seven times before.  But, returning to where he was living prior to treatment is a disaster waiting to happen.  The risk of relapse is high.  He knows he'll be surrounded by the same 'triggers' - the same people, places, and things, that were in his life during his active addiction. 

 Moving into a community environment, with others living a lifestyle of recovery, would give him a much stronger chance to make it this time.  It would be the fresh start he's been looking for.  J.B. really wants that chance.  Yet, his addiction consumed all his money.  He doesn't have the cash for the initial deposit and rent needed to move into a recovery residence.

 His anxiety is climbing.  His depression is darkening.  Nothing's changed…


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